Arts is about celebrating rejoicing, enjoying and recalling the assorted qualities and impressions of human expression, and furthermore, the inner happiness which comes out in different ways and the comprehensiveness of human thoughts and feelings.

Vibrant Hues, Irena Orlov

 It is stunning and yet good how expressions and inner feelings of the human experience can join individuals and common people to share the same experience in the form of a painting or any other thing like that over the globe, regardless of where they are from, in light of the fact that they rise and above social contrasts, do not stay in the ranks of the society and catch something of being interestingly human. This is certainly one noteworthy purpose behind the conservation of the Arts. 

New Life, Irena Orlov

Textured art can be used as a great mean of decoration and can conveys messages as well.

Organic Modern. Irena Orlov

The homes and other living places can be decorated using the textured art techniques.

Marble Shapes, Irena Orlov

Irena Orlov, Abstract

Morning Walk, Irena Orlov

Sea of Blues, Irena Orlov

Texture in painting is the look and feel of the canvas. It depends on the paint, and its application, or the expansion of materials, for example, lace, metal, wood, ribbon, cowhide and sand. Touch is one of our faculties. Our hands and skin are outfitted with delicate nerves and by touch we can feel everything that recognize surface. The sense of touch is giving us data about our general surroundings, our feeling of touch gives us delight and happiness. It is a basic part of visual art for a similar reason that the texture is added so the feeling of touch can improve our art. Visual art can move, incite, make us think, make us giggle, make us cry; make us see things in ways we never would have. That is a piece or the material or anything from which we build a surface is so essential in art. Surface, similar to any of the components and other things, materials, brushes of art, can likewise upgrade and bolster the artist’s idea driving the work. A few specialists, artists and painters utilize surface as a noteworthy impact on the people reaction to the work and its affect on the people brains. 

Summer Splash, Irena Orlov

Abstract art likewise gives us joy and happiness. In any masterpiece, in any case, surface can attract us so we invest more energy with the work. Texture has many types and the texture in a painting can be created in more than one ways. The textured art can be done through many techniques. We can use simple daily life things to create texture and the texture can be obtained by well used things common in our daily life like we can use crumpled leaves or the bark of tree or a rugged carpet or an old tooth brush to add texture to our paintings which has a great impact on the viewers mind. Distinctive styles of artistic creations are presented in theory frame and generally the past work is arranged in view of the components and unique strategies utilized. The artistic creations of the unique craftsmanship are tremendous in style, surface, excellence and different components. 

Vibrant hues, Irena Orlov