New media craftsmanship is an umbrella term for fine art delivered utilizing new media. It incorporates a differing set of classifications such computerized workmanship, PC illustrations, PC movement, virtual craftsmanship, Internet workmanship, intuitive craftsmanship advancements, however may likewise relate to such fields as PC apply autonomy or workmanship as biotechnology. 

Color Movement 3, Irena Orlov

New media craftsmanship is portrayed by crossing works on going from theoretical and virtual workmanship to exhibitions and establishments. Frequently, new media workmanship acts like a stage for correspondence and cooperation instead of a shut work. This course is proposed to fill in as a prologue to the subject of new media workmanship, with the point of showing the general spaces, craftsmen, and topics that are related with the creation of craftsmanship in new media. Some lean toward the term innovation based craftsmanship, media workmanship, or computerized workmanship for the contemporary circumstance of the advanced medium. I lean toward the term New Media Art to envelop the greater part of the above structures since it conveys no specific meaning toward any one procedure while likewise separating itself from Mixed media, which alludes to a mix of customary media, and from Multimedia, which comprises of computerized adaptations of conventional strategies. The fundamental point is that, on the off chance that we comprehend the distinction amongst message and method, New Media Art can be all the more effectively comprehended as another train. New Media Art covers every single contemporary method for carefully based craftsmanship making, similarly as customary Fine Arts is separated into majors as indicated by conventional system. Despite the fact that procedure can elucidate scholastic qualifications in New Media Art, discovering importance in any work of art is the genuine test. As I would like to think, all types of craftsmanship ought to be rich, and alive, with significance. The magnificence of craftsmanship is that we may each characterize and assess meaning in an unexpected way. A huge concern is that, within the sight of such a large number of novel procedures, we may free our sense and capacity to assess what is significant. New media workmanship is nearly as troublesome as to characterize craftsmanship. Why would that be? Why is there such a great amount of perplexity over this term? One of the conceivable answers would be that the entrance of new media into contemporary workmanship practices is a progressing procedure – we can state when new media and innovation started to rise inside the field of contemporary craftsmanship; in any case, with ceaseless advancement of new media and computerized gadgets, there has never been a minute when theoreticians and specialists could all the more hypothetically characterize this critical class in contemporary workmanship. Distinctive styles of artistic creations are presented in theory frame and generally the past work is arranged in view of the components and unique strategies utilized. The artistic creations of the unique craftsmanship are tremendous in style, surface, excellence and different components which the media art is a part and such an art help us completely to enjoy.  

An Infinite Travel, Irena Orlov